Nearby Activities

We have many activities around us: Sand Banks provincial park, stables, ZOO, wineries and many other.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

We are just 3 min drive from SandBanks Provincial Park - the most beautiful park in Ontario. There are 3 sand beaches that are better than Dominican or Cuba! There is also beach for your pet.

There are famous sand dunes in park. Beautiful view from the top and place to enjoy hiking.

Sandbanks Park Sandbanks Park

Forest around dunes will surprise with summer theater and cafe.

There are also routes for biking, hiking, roller blading, skiing - with different level of difficulties and landscaping.


We have stables in just 3 minutes away. You may enjoy riding horse in routes along the lake and through the forest.


Wine lover will find 40 wineries near by us. Some of them have restaurant.

Here is some of them:

13370 Loyalist Parkway Picton
(613) 476-4888
Toll Free: 1-866-470-9463
Grange of Prince Edward
Vineyards & Estate Winery

990 Closson Road Hillier, Wellington
(613) 399-1048
Toll Free: 866-792-7712

17432 Loyalist Parkway Wellington ON
(613) 399-2992

13730 Loyalist Parkway (Hwy 33)
(Between Picton and Bloomfield,
just west of The Waring House)
Picton, Bloomfield
County Cider Company Estate Winery

County Road 8, R.R.#4 657
Bongards Cross Road Waupoos
(613) 476-1022

Paul Minaker 9261 Highway 33
The Loyalist Parkway Conway
Del-Gatto Estates Ltd. Bella Vigne

Pat and Heidi Del-Gatto 3609
County Road 8 Picton

1286 Wilson Road Hillier (Wellington)

(613) 399-9000

17598 Loyalist Parkway Wellington

(613) 399-1839

Paintball - (613)965-12-64 or(613)967-65-57


Zoo - kinds will love it!


Milk farms - store and more